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Past tense: Chartwelled

1. A false feeling of having eaten too much, generally caused by a foods appearance or taste. Similar to having eaten at a chinese buffet, hunger is sure to strike 20 minutes later.

2. Loosing 20 pounds over three months due to either one of of the two symptoms listed above or restricted operational hours.
1. Oh man, I'm only halfway through my plate and I'm already so stuffed I can't take anymore food! So Chartwelled.

2. My roommate lost so much weight from eating at the caf, his family thought there was something wrong with him! F*&%!ng Caf food

3. **BREEEEEUUUGGGHHHHHRRHRHRRHRH** OH MY GOD Oliver, I just threw up something wicked!! Chartwells coming back to haunt

4. **Akward extended pooping sesh in 3rd floor bathroom**

Marc -I don't know about you Max, but for me it just ain't coming out...
Max -It's kind of a all go or no go deal, is it...
by Marx93 February 23, 2014
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