She is an amazing talented person. She can tackle anything, when she puts her mind to it,she may think she's fat and ugly,but she she's not she is beautiful. People with never forget this girl or her inner beauty or outter beauty. Chardonay... You may think this is a just a name but its a wine name a smart girls name. She can also know the real you just from a conversation and shes not special... She's just an ANGEL!a magical angel.
She knows the real me

Well der you know her name right?
No who is it
Ugh Chardonay...
by no.1 princess April 9, 2017
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Social butterfly. The girl that you can't help but be friends with. She's got style and flair and looks that kill.
That new girl over there, yeah, she's a Chardonai you should go meet her.
by Seattle in January January 18, 2011
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