not a single person in this school is real just about everything and everyone is fake
plastic women
guy: ...Omg! have u met that new chick from Chaparral
guy 2: yea man im afraid that if she goes in the sun shes gonna melt
by Alfred Galletta August 2, 2008
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Full with republicans and racist, people that have lip fillers, girls who use daddy’s money and think that they are the shit.
That girl has lip fillers must have got the from Chaparral
by Chaparral October 21, 2021
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a school in temecula california that is full of irrelevant people who think they’re the best school in southern california when really no one knows who the fuck they are. if you meet someone from chaparral, chances are they’re some lacrosse jock or an ugly ass cheerleader. definitely the worst school in all of california.
“hey do you know anyone who goes to chaparral high school?”
“no who tf goes to chap lmao
by bobduncancock September 7, 2019
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a ghetto school in scottsdale with rich kids who think they matter. most irrelevant people in the world.
you go to chaparral high school?” “yeah” “i’m sorry
by jampacked69 October 21, 2021
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The worst school in existence. I did an experiment and put a negative, LEGIT review on their google reviews site, and it got taken down 30 minutes later. The staff is butthurt, and once they saw the review they asked their little friends to make nice fake reviews about the school.

13 out of the 15 students in my class left, I was one of the 2 remaining students. New students came to the school, and they got withdrawn from the school too, wtf. Lucky kids who left.

The staff will refuse to show you the withdrawal rate because it's VERY high.

Fun fact: I attempted suicide because of this school.

The teachers are pissed off pieces of crap, and get pissed if you ask questions. Scrublords. If a student gets bullied, nobody in the school tries to help the poor kid.
Person 1: Did you see that kid? He goes to Chaparral Star Academy.
Person 2: Poor child. I hope he doesn't commit suicide.
by reallyman11 January 31, 2018
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the best people who you will ever meet
that girl is cool i bet she’s from chaparral elementary school
by garyluvr November 1, 2021
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