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Done for long periods of time by teenagers aged over 15+ usually. When you are bored if you happen to be lucky enough to have sky, many teens will flick to channel 440 (MTV) and will not stop until they find a song that they like. Once they reach channel 471 (scuzz) its back to channel 440 and so the process begins over and over and over which is known as channel flcking (or hopping). Many parents do not understand the concept of channel flicking and so just leave their children to this task. Many children skip past channels vh1, vh1 clasic, classic fm and channel u on this journey. For expert channel flickers many go through the whole spectrum of sky- from channels 106- 999.
Parent - What are you doing?
Child - Channel flicking
Parent - Right then. Shall leave you to it. *walks away confsed*
Child *Smiles*
by Ratm Rule August 31, 2004
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