this number shows prosperity and is usually associated with a boy named Ezra. If you meet this boy you are extremely lucky and he will never forget you because he cherishes everyone and makes everyone else happy and makes everyone else laugh but struggles with his own happiness. When u see ezra is will most times be smiling but inside he hide from depression. He also may have a huge crush on a girl called shamela that he knows he doesn't have a chance with but will still wait...... why... I have no clue. He will have bug plans for the future and will achieve anything he puts his mind to.... weather it be hacking or leaning japanese. If u meet ezra tell him that i said hi.
What's up Ezra?..... Wait... you're still waiting on Shamela........ Sad life bro. 😪. 471
by BIGDICKBOY471 February 10, 2021
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