Any girl who changes her image to fit that of their current boyfriend. These girls are generally very attractive but lack any interesting qualities. Some think they are gangsters, if dating a gangster. Some change into emo chicks or gearheads depending on the guy they are dating. These types are, ironically, far more likely to cheat on the guy they morph into. These types usually have none of their original friends left, and must start over with new friends every time she finds a new suitor, therefor, always keeps an eye out for something better. These are great girls to date for two or three months, because they are almost always fine, but will likely get with one of your friends afterward.
"watch out for that chameleon girlfriend, she's biting your style bad."

"She looks so different now because she's a chameleon boyfriend."
by Elwood money blues April 29, 2009
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