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Any alcoholic beverage that is meant to be consumed without tasting the alcohol. These include "Smirnoff ice" and "zima" as well as various whine coolers and numerous drinks mixed with "red bull". When heterosexual men drink these beverages in public, they are subject to ridicule, and in alpha-male situations, will have there status downgraded immediately. Females typically consume these beverages therefor it is demasculating for men to do so. Not to be confused with "clearbeer"
Jack: "That guys lookin at me funny, I'm going to whoop his ass!"

Fred: "Chill dude, he's drinking a queerbeer, he's just gay. You better go apologize."

Jack: "Oh, yea, you're right."
by Elwood money blues April 29, 2009
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A game designed to intoxicate all participants where 40oz bottles of cheap malt beverages are fastened to each hand by adhesive tapes or super-glue in some cases. The winner will have consumed all liquid in both bottles and usually celebrates by smashing the first bottle to remove it, and using the free hand to urinate into the second. Studies at the University of Colorado in Boulder conclude that the best way to be victorious in this game, without fear of urinating yourself, is to start the game with your penis already un-tucked,out of your pants. Ladies in the study, who opted to go in skirts without undergarments, fared well however did not ever claim a victory.
"You down for a game of edward 40 hands?"

"nah, its too cold to play edward 40 hands"
by Elwood money blues April 29, 2009
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Any part of L.A. county, or any shady neighborhood in California.
"Don't fuck with the streets of cop killafornia"
by Elwood money blues April 29, 2009
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Any of the major American beer companies, including, but not limited to, Coors, Budweiser, BudLight, Coors light, Miller, Pabst, and any Low ABV beer. (Alcohol by volume) Beers with higher alcohol content like Steele's reserve and Cobra do not fall into this category, nor do micro-brews like New Belgium and Avery. Clearbeer can cause young males in particular, to experience heightened sexual performance as well as the perception of heightened physical abilities, like kung-fu. This often leads to bar brawls involving lesser skilled fighters catching an ass-kicking. (see beer courage)
"I drank a ton of clearbeer tonight, I'm going to beat down that dude who looked at my girl, then I'm going to drive her home and try to kill her with my dick"

"OK, see you tomorrow"
by Elwood money blues April 29, 2009
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Any girl who changes her image to fit that of their current boyfriend. These girls are generally very attractive but lack any interesting qualities. Some think they are gangsters, if dating a gangster. Some change into emo chicks or gearheads depending on the guy they are dating. These types are, ironically, far more likely to cheat on the guy they morph into. These types usually have none of their original friends left, and must start over with new friends every time she finds a new suitor, therefor, always keeps an eye out for something better. These are great girls to date for two or three months, because they are almost always fine, but will likely get with one of your friends afterward.
"watch out for that chameleon girlfriend, she's biting your style bad."

"She looks so different now because she's a chameleon girlfriend...new boyfriend."
by Elwood money blues April 29, 2009
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Referencing the city of Longmont, Colorado. The name "shlongmont" is derived from the fact that there are no single females left in that town. Just a bunch of shlongs everywhere.
"I'm extremely tempted to cheat on my girlfriend, so we better go out in shlongmont so I don't have to worry about girls being around."

"Screw that! I'm not going to shlongmont! I need to get laid!"
by Elwood money blues April 29, 2009
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