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slang term for a Dodge Challenger. A badass two door muscle car that was popular in the 70s and made a comeback in the pony wars of 2008. Currently comes in the SE, R/T, and SRT8 packages. SRT8 being the most powerful of the three.
Peter: Oooooh weeee! Did you see that blacked out Chally!!

Homer: Yes!! That thing is badass!! I can't wait to get my hands on one of those!!

Peter: I'll take a Chally over a Mustang anyday! Maybe even a Camaro!

Homer: Errr I don't know about that last part! I love Camaros!
by mrcleancut July 09, 2009
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To jerk off on hotel curtains leaving your mark for the next guest.
I challyied on a set of curtains in the embassy suites hotel.
by Readvalve January 30, 2020
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