Cezanne is a beautiful woman with a beautiful soul. She will cry during movies that touch her heart, and dress up like a character from Star Wars to fulfill her cosplay duties. Cezanne has a sense of humor and will make your stomach hurt from laughing, and she knows how to get ALL the coupons! She's very artsy, and if you're in a pinch she can design you some clothes to wear and sew them! Her eyes are beautiful, her smile can light up a dark space and once you have a Cezanne in your life, you don't let her go. She's loyal, she will answer the phone at 5 a.m. or talk to you while you're in a crowded store waiting to check out. The most beautiful thing about Cezanne? She loves with her whole heart. She will do anything for you, she's peaceful and all she wants is to be loved and respected in return.
I'm so glad Cezanne is my best friend, I couldn't have found someone better to share my life with!
by J Rabbit December 20, 2016
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pronounced (say-z-an)

one who is tough and independent.
Wow, that girl that won that fight is such a Cezann!!!!

That Cezann can kick the shit out of anyone!!
by A. Henderthon February 6, 2010
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