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A girl who's beautiful inside and out. Once you get to know her, she's amazing. A great friend, funny, smart, sweet, caring, fun, crazy, and did i mention beautiful? You should feel grateful and lucky to be a friend, lover, or even an acquaintance of mileena's.
OMG, that mileena though! *0*
by anonnn1 September 13, 2013

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The most diverse town on Long Island. You will find someone from every continent here. The music department is the best of all long island, all other towns wish they could be part of ci's music department. The sports are getting better and better every year and you will find the best people here. Theres that 3% hat are wanna be "gangsta" and the papi's and prima's but other then that its all good.
Someone: you're from ci?
Central Islip person: yeah, and?
Someone: music department rocks but theres some weird people there.
Central Islip person: yeah, oh wellll its all good.
by Anonnn1 October 03, 2013

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