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noun - A person who has completely merged with their cell phone. Fairly indistinguishable from a schizophrenic, as it is difficult to determine if they are talking to themselves, or to spider demons at large.

Play on "cyborg" q.v. and a merger of cell (phone) + "Borg" q.v.
That guy is such a cellborg! He was sitting on the toilet, wheeling and dealing!

Don't be such a cellborg! Take that piece of crap outta your ear once in a while!
by Roguess November 26, 2006
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Any pretentious person with a blinking Bluetooth device in their ear and their cellphone either proudly displayed on their hip or hidden in a pocket or purse. The Bluetooth light reminds you that they're not insane, just complete tools.
"Every where I look in this airport I see blue lights in people's ears. I'm surrounded by cellborgs!"

"There were so many cellborgs at the office today I thought I was in the Cloud City. I started looking around for Billy Dee Williams."
by afrosheen May 10, 2007
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