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Also known as "change channels please."
Used frequently in the game Maplestory, cc plz has become the most annoying term known to Maplers.
Many people often ignore or flame people that use the term cc plz. Common responses are "Why would you need a credit card?" or "Sorry, I don't have any cupcakes." cc plz is also used to tell people that they are annoying, an embarrasment to nature, go away, etc.
Example 1:
*Guy 1 walks into map*
Guy 2: cc plz
Guy 1: Why would you need a credit card?

Example 2:
Guy 2: cc plz.
by xshadowFire April 20, 2006
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The name of a popular Europe Maplestory hacking forum that offers free EMS hacks.
It's made and run by Jonyleeson and S3NSA.
Hacker 1: "Hey did you heard about that new website for EMS?"
Hacker 2: "No man, what is it??"
Hacker 1: "CCPLZ bro, it's totally dope!".
by x0r-Irwin November 12, 2010
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Short for "Change channel, please" Often used in MMORPG MapleStory to tell others that you want them to change channel
dam nub i wuz here first this is my ch cc plz!

noob i just went to repot and u come to my ch! cc plz

or the lazy way:

by maveni January 27, 2009
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Cool and Attractive guy from Spain:Channel 2 please.
Uncool and Unattractive guy:no
Cool and Attractive guy from Spain:CC PLZ!
Uncool and Unattractive guy:NO
Cool and Attractive guy from Spain:>:(
by coolNattractiveguyfromspain August 16, 2009
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Short for "change channel please". It is widely spread in the MMORPG MapleStory.

"ccplz" is used when another person enters the same map that one is training in. Because the term is considered to be rude by most of the Maple community, you will usually only find noobs using it.
*ProDude enters xxAzNnArUtOxx's map*

xxAzNnArUtOxx: ccplz

ProDude: Excuse me? You're so lazy to type out a couple words, so I'll be a douchebag and punish you by kill-stealing all of your monsters for the rest of your Maple career!

xxAzNnArUtOxx: NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!
by sexybluedoughboy August 26, 2008
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