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A shortened version of "cbf" for all those lazy shits who can't be bothered to say a word that is already shortened.
by b-harvs April 21, 2009
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Originally the altered form of the abbreviation 'cba/cbf' meaning 'can't be arsed/fucked'. It is now a regular verb in English slang, used in situations where it takes the place of similar phrases such as 'I can't be arsed', and 'I can't be fucked'. It is used normally by lazy people who prefer to say cbz rather than its longer versions - the common use of cbz by a person in conversations, sentences etc is a sign of their laziness. It has, however, become a very popular phrase and is regularly used by people instead of using longer versions. It is now commonly used not only by lazy people, in every tense found in the English language. An activity which is extremely reluctantly completed by someone can be identified by such phrases as: 'such a cbz' 'cbzed so much' (examples 3 and 4) and other similar phrases. A shorter, equivalent way of using one of the above example phrases (when written) is adding additional z's on to the end of cbz (example 5). Cbz is pronounced 'ceebs'.
1 - Are you coming out tonight? No, I cbz/No, cbz.

2 - Did you take the dog for a walk earlier? No, I cbzed it.

3 - So you finished that essay then? Yeah, it was such a cbz though.

4 - If my mum asked me to do it now, I'd cbz so much/cbz it so much.

5 - Hey, mum wants you to go and tidy your room. Cbzzzz.

6 - Coming to play football? No, I'm cbzing/cbzing it.
by hazzhaymz January 11, 2010
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