I cbb telling u what cbb stands for
by Kiasa September 28, 2003
A term used online.
Short for 'Can't Be Bothered'
"Are you doing that maths homework?"
"Nope, cbb"
by Sophie9 October 25, 2008
An acronym for the phrase 'can't be bothered', which originates from a british youth community in japan.
by mazy_hehe January 6, 2008
a sorter version of can't be bothered and discovered from cba ( can't be arsed). To be used when you can't be bothered to use can't be bothered
Girl: Coming shopping today?
Friend: Nah, cbb
by Krishnaaa September 17, 2008
cbb stands for "could be better"
in issue trackers you sometimes find: "done-cbb", meaning: solved the issue, but the job could be done better (if there was time)
by Jitka October 24, 2007
cry baby bitch used for an adjective to a ms. twinks
by jack111111111111111111 November 2, 2007
cool beans bro

Like cool story bro, but beans are the new cool now (:
You see what I did there? Trollolllolol
A: What's up?
B: Nothing.. Just chillin'. You?
A: Being lazy
B: cbb
A: Alight
by meowingissoawesomelikethat.xox February 8, 2012