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an awesome bitch that has skillz.will kill a nigga if they take her apples.she wont give a shit if you shit your self instead will encourage you to do it again so she can post it on you-tube.this name was giving to her by most likely to make her different and a way to remind her she will be going to hell with chuck Norris.nigga thinks he makes lakes cry ,but forgets cayline makes that cracker cry.

Hell has no boundaries cayline wants everyone to join her ,infact is sure everyone one since they cant resist her sweet ass .the name cayline was meant for puerto ricans because the they keep be keeping it real and is a G.

cayline is also a goth monster.Eats men for their money when shes done dumps them on there curb.her job is to be a compulsive lair has no shame and will be ahead of the is not a color but will be the number one item in her closet.She is cold hearted has no feeling and never will .
1.that bitch cayline the ill-est much wood can a chuck norris chuck?none cayline drop kicked the bitch away from the wood
by goth-monster April 13, 2010
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