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CAT BLOOD! There once was a pastor of a now defunct church in the south, his name was Louis Lamonica (feel free to google that name). Ol' Louis loved to put the rape on the children of the members of his congregation. Not being a catholic priest he had to spice it up a bit and decided to take a cat and cut it's head off and throw the blood all over the children as he and others molested the holy ghost right out of them. He screwed them, he made them screw each other, and he made 'em screw a dog too! well anyways, he walks into a police department, confesses, and then is surprised that they arrest him... as well as being totally messed up in origin this slang term has come to mean the rape of something. It can also mean someone was going nuts. and can be used as a noun to describe your friend. Not that he engaged in child rape or crimes against nature, but he is a total suspect and should be watched all the same. Use it as an Interjection or exclamation also, that will really set the mood at a party or wherever the feeling strikes you.
to a friend... "sup, Catblood!"
at work, someone asks what you are doing reply "just cat-bloodin"
you see an attractive lady, say to her "OH YEAH I'M BOUT TO CATBLOOD ALL OVER YOU" well maybe dont say that.
someone offends you, imply they love sex with children and crimes against nature, "get this fruit drinking all this catblood and such" ... they wont mess with you again.
you see some guy with a beard (f.y.i. beards are totally lame) say "shave your cat blood-soaked jiz mop beard fruit bag"
by catblood October 19, 2010
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