In the United Kingdom, the trademark name of Llodyds TSB's ATMs is "cashpoint", and this can be attributed to the term being in danger of becoming a generalised trademark here.
Yo Jevon I'm just goin' the cashpoint to make a bit o' music, ayee.
by Kahyl January 27, 2007
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josh wasn't happy unless the fun envovled a trip to the bank for a spot of cashpointing,
by co-operative bank April 20, 2006
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An able-bodied person who uses a disabled parking spot that is unoccupied close to a ATM ( called a 'Cashpoint' in Britian )
I was grabbing some cash but was stuck behind some Cashpoint Cripple that parked in the handicap spot and ran in front of me....
by WCMCM April 25, 2008
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a fruit machine.

Dazza: Eh Brian are you goin out tonight mate?
Brian: Nah mate don't get me dole money till friday
Dazza: Calm down calm down youse can give the scouse cashpoint a try!
by me old fruity May 16, 2006
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