Cashed up bogan or CUB as it is termed in Australia, is a 21st century evolution of the traditional bogan. Traditional bogans wear flannette shirts, sport mullets and scream at their tribe of snotty nosed kids while living in public housing.

But the turn of the century brought a boom in the blue collar trades such as electricians, builders and the mining industry in particular, and with it these bogans found themselves moving from low to middle income wages. The CUB still has all the personality traits of a traditional bogan - racist, uncouth, poorly educated with a heap of kids. But the modern CUB has more money and thus desperately seeks to pretend they are not bogan by buying designer items and expensive things. These items usually include designer hand bags for CUB females such as Louis Vuitton and low brow brands like PlayBoy merchandise. They usually are mortgaged to within an inch of bankruptcy to show off a brand new car and living in a McMansion - a poorly made, mass produced house on a tiny block of land which is huge in floor space to give the air of wealth.
Kelly is such a cashed up bogan, did you see that awful McMansion they are living in?
by PhyllisDiller March 7, 2014
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A derivation of the standard bogan, cashed up bogan, arose in the early 21st Century, a time of great economic prosperity in Australia. The term describes a person who is usually of blue collar background, however now earning a good amount of money and spending their earnings on a range of expensive consumer items. They dwell in the North-West parts of Sydney.
Ben: Wow how did that bogan afford that mansion?
Will: He is a cashed up bogan.
by WHO! December 2, 2010
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A person whom buys /or drives a older Holden stateman/caprice or grange and thinks their a pimp more then likely got small man syndrome and a nickname like pretzel
Your a cashed up bogan you must drive a 2004 caprice
by Pingas87 November 17, 2016
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