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(V)-the act of socking it to her. hard. in the vagina. once you realize how disgusting her pubes are.

when you are really excited about eating a girl out and then you realize she has extremely long pubes. so you punch her in the vagina really hard. leaving bruises.


to crack ones pelvis with a hard punch in the "carpet" before sexual intercourse
Ricardo: I carpet-punched Meridith so hard last month she's been in the hospital ever since
Alberto: You're such a hard ass Ricardo, I don't know how you do it.
Ricardo: I know dude. First sight of those pubes and i knew i was carpet-punching.
Grant: Holy shit someone did the to me once..god it hurt.
Ricardo and Alberto: Man, thats just sick. We're getting out of here. Lets go punch some more carpet
by angels27forheavenforever August 29, 2009
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(V) Similar to racking a guy in the nuts, but performed on a female.
I was going down on her and she queefed in my face, so I punched started carpet-punching her.
by TomCat7770 February 10, 2010
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