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A special ed student. So called because special ed classrooms are, in many schools, the only carpeted ones.
"He's going into the white room with all the pillows; he must be a carpet kid."
by The J-Spot January 16, 2005
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The cringey, disgusting, misfit group of weeaboos, emos, and rejects that will usually sit in the hallways oppose to tables during lunch. You can identify them by their fedoras or their anime or rick and morty regalia.

Usually greasy and haven't showered in a long time. They usually put off a pungent odor that they all constantly share for some reason. It's very similar to old socks and wet dog.

They are the representation of tumblr as a person.
I just called that carpet kid looking at Yiff porn
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by Jadderall May 20, 2018
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