A label for the motivation to decorate for Christmas, listen to Christmas music, wear ugly sweaters, and drink eggnog.
The Christmas spirit made me buy fuzzy socks for all my friends.
by KittenKapoodle December 23, 2018
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- the selfish actions of others to affect one or a group of other so that they can get away without being to blame.
The Staff Sergent told us five minutes before the inspection we were going to have one then left for a meeting and won't be present when the c.o. gets here screwed again by the Christmas spirit .
by Allandnnn November 22, 2015
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When you fill your ass with egg nog and give your partner a Christmas cocktail. Either filling a cup or shot glass will do, however I find going directly from the anus to the mouth is especially Christmasy.
Aw honey, you look a little down, can I give you a little Christmas Spirit?
by Notfornothin December 24, 2007
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The positive feeling or attitude associated with the coming holiday - one may experience it when seeing the lights on the houses in his neighborhood, while finding perfect gifts for his family members, or when he hears holiday tunes playing in the background at one store or another. Some experience pre-Christmas spirit only to find disappointment when Christmas actually comes. This is a case where the hype and anticipation are better than the real thing.
Tracy felt the pre-Christmas spirit through November and December each time she passed by the Christmas section at the department store, but when December 25th came around and she unwrapped a sweater and a blender, she somehow lost the feeling.
by awesomeforce December 25, 2008
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To drive with the gas light on for such a terrifyingly long amount of time you must be running on the pure belief of children. A reference to the movie Elf.
Person #1: "Dude, you need to stop for gas. You've been running on christmas spirit for almost an hour."

Person #2: "Nah, we're good. You just have to believe as the children do."

Person #1: "whatever, man."
by Matt Doe March 16, 2014
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