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pronounced in a similar way to "car key" or "car keye"

Traditionally a term for multiple carcasses.
But more recently a term for weed, or the effects of weed.
This recent alteration of the word is said to originate from the south west of england, specifically mid devon. Not to be confused with "khaki" for green, used to describe weed elsewhere for many years.

The term `carcii` has its roots in the fact that when you smoke weed in large amounts (especially "shotties") you become a living carcass - a useless sack of shit that often will stay in one spot and do nothing worthwhile. The `shottie` (dirty home made bong also rumoured to originate from devon) is reffered to as the carcass machine , as there is usually a production line going.

Often the persons who are "carcii`d" will say stupid shit, or add stoned nonsense words to the word. for example "carcii woo woo" is one (also because shotty addiction can be seen as a kind of marrige to the disgusting contraption)
woozleberry and woozle are also popular additions and used to describe weed.
"got any carcii?"
"im proper carcii`d"
"carcii woozle"
"ive lost my carcii"
"carcused right up inem"
"carcii inum"
by shizen satchel May 16, 2007
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