The human operator of a machine, a computer, or any device in general that is having "problems" or "errors" or "is malfunctioning" in the eyes of that operator. In this case, the problems, errors, and malfunction is actually a problem with the operator and not the machine, computer, or device.
Customer: What was the problem with my computer?

Tech: There is a problem with the carbon unit. It will eventually resolve itself after extended hours of use. At least that is the hope.
by darrelld August 5, 2008
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A low-grade worker; a peon. A dumb person doing a dumb job, often in retail, food service, or warehousing.

"I'll get a couple of carbon units to come round tonight and take that junk away."

"One of the carbon units in Goods Inwards tripped over a cable and smashed his arm. "
by Eighth of Seven January 14, 2007
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A species of bipedal, paradoxic humanoids that predominately use emotion to process reasoning and logic.
Dude 1: "I just can't understand women at all!.."
Dude 2: "No one can, all we know is that they are some kind of Carbon-based Emo-Units from space.."
by Drunken Bars May 19, 2020
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