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Tango - Charlie = Tacticle chunder
Tracey: "proper wasted right now, need a Tango-Charlie to sort myself out...."
Dan: " ok good luck "
by Drunken Bars May 17, 2020
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A medium between the dream world and the real world - like a helpful hotel receptionist.
Dan: " Got a bit too high last night, shit got weird..."
Tracey; "Oh no, did you have to speak to the Interperigillionium?"
by Drunken Bars May 19, 2020
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A species of bipedal, paradoxic humanoids that predominately use emotion to process reasoning and logic.
Dude 1: "I just can't understand women at all!.."
Dude 2: "No one can, all we know is that they are some kind of Carbon-based Emo-Units from space.."
by Drunken Bars May 19, 2020
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Someone who says or does something inappropriate, purposely, to achieve the desired effect of shock and awe.
Dan: " Hello mate, not sen you for a while, saw your mum on Facebook last night - looking WELL hot!"
Tracey: "Dude! WTF?!"
Dan: " Not my fault she's got her tit's out.."
Tracey: " Thats so inappropriate!"
Dan: " Try telling your mum that.."
Tracey: " I did but she's an inappropiationist!"
Dan: "Cool"
by Drunken Bars May 18, 2020
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When you've had a sneaky joint and need to get rid of the smell by washing your hands, face and spraying deodorant all over yourself.
Paddy: "Need a sneaky J, look out for me dude"
Dan: 'No worries dude, just remember to dee-weed after"
Paddy: "Always do bro, we got any pizza left?"
by Drunken Bars June 16, 2020
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