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A decision made unilaterally by a team leader without consulting colleagues, often a massive clusterfuck.
Malcolm: Shouldn't we have a discussion about big decisions like this?
Tony: Nope, it's my call, I'm captain.
Malcolm: Yeah that's a right captain's call that is.
by willozap January 26, 2015
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A clueless or embarassing decision by an incompetent political leader. This term is widely used in Australia in relation to decisions of conservative Primeminister Tony Abbot.
It was a captain's call by Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbot to grant a Knighthood in January 2015 to Prince Philip, the Husband of the Queen of England. Another captain's call by Mr Abbot was an attempted delisting 74,000 hectares of Tasmanian wilderness world heritage area, an application swiftly rejected by the United Nations’ world heritage committee in June 2014.
by Miguel Fairlight May 19, 2015
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Extraneous exercise of authority. An independent decision made, usually by a junior member of management with minimal input from line staff and even less influence by executive directive. Such decisions are often unpopular and counter productive, although they can on rare occasion be beneficial to the organization.
Employee #1: Hey, what happened to casual Fridays? I was looking forward to dressing down for a day.
Employee #2: Cancelled, business attire required.
Employee #3: But why? We've always had designated dress down days.
Employee #4: I don't know girl, ask your supervisor. He made the call.
Employee #5: Yeah right- a captain's call.
by JaiKwaan March 03, 2015
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