canyon lake, the beverly hills of the I.E. This place is filled with spoiled rich kids who drive lifted trucks, bmw's, get the pic. All the of the "cool people" own boats and if you dont, sucks to be you. The gate is meant to keep the meth making quail valley people, horny murrieta people, and skanky dirty lake elsinorians OUT! This place truely is better than the dirty places around it but its also known as an "old peoples community."
canyon lake rocks my socks.

Im privaleged so BOW DOWN BITCHES!!!!
by K-bay-bay May 22, 2008
The shittiest, and I mean SHITTIEST overrated piece of shit suburb in Riverside. Mirroring Menifee and Murrieta, this place is filled with ugly ass houses, tight asses, 16 year old girls, mexicans, and the shittiest most polluted man made lake ever. If you swim in this lake, you have a 90% chance of catching aids.
Person 1 "Canyon lake is filled with mexicans."
by whothefack March 17, 2011
A "gated community" in riverside county. It is gated because canyon lake people are racist, they want to keep the blacks out... They have stone walls erected all along its borders. They seriously have gate guards and their own quasi-police force. They move there to show that they're better than you, but really, everyone actually hates people from canyon lake. Younger people from canyon lake all have the same kind of think-they're-so-great attitude, which makes it easy to identify them.
John: What kind of people would WANT to live walled in like that?

Rick: I don't know... fucking weirdos or racists.

John: lol canyon lake
by DGAFINITUP August 1, 2011
1. commonly known as the drug capital of the World, with a high crime rate and little local culture. It consists of three liquor stores, several convenience stores and incalculable bars. It is also where monster trucks are born.

2. Where your dealer lives.
"I had to go Canyon Lake, TX to pick up this dank, and not only is it not dank but rather dirt and leaves, while I was there someone stole my baby!"
by Divisionbear May 7, 2009
The only place in the world where the locals are higher than the hills.
Guy: Let's go to Canyon Lake, TX

Gal: I hear try have great weed and you stay higher than the hills.
by teh_lee_beast1337 January 3, 2014
Canyon Lake is a beautiful place with hills and awesomeness. The lake is also a great place for recreational activities. Some people say that it is full of drugs, but it really depends on if you are in the trashy parts, or in the nice parts. There are a lot of retirees that live there. Not many stores are in the area, pretty much the only stores are in Hancock. Canyon Lake is the home of the Canyon Lake High School.
Let's all go to Canyon Lake, Tx everybody!
by Meow007 April 10, 2011
A place were kids smoke weed,teachers get wasted in classrooms and wannabe cholos hangout thinking they are badass.
by Jordan Patillo June 13, 2013