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A new strain of AIDS that has geneticly enhanced by scientists to control population. Also called CAIDS, not only does an infected individual get the full blown AIDS, but also cancer leading to the inevitable kemo treatment that, as you know, almost kills you as well. Its pretty much a death sentance, and it works quicker than any disease alone. Experts say that within minutes of contracting the Cancerous AIDS, you can feel the symptoms setting in.
Unlike Conventional AIDS, which is transmitted through blood, The Cancerous strand can be transmitted through any bodily fluid. This means if a CAIDS infected person was to cough in your general direction, and you happened to be taking a breath, the virus could be transmitted to you in an airborne contraction situation. Taking a drink after, or kissing an infected person can also lead to transmission.

Obviously this is some shit you dont want to get, and any individual infected must be quaranteened immediately. An infected person in a situation such as a subway ride, could potentialy infect hundreds if not thousands of people in a matter of an hours.
The Cancerous AIDS has all of the conventional AIDS symptoms and within minutes of initial infection subject develops the AIDS Cough,and within 24-48 hours of infection the AIDS Face Sets in. This pretty much makes the infected look like a zombie from Resident Evil within the first week. Cancerous AIDS patients rarely live over 60 days after infection making it pretty much the quickest killer in the population.

by Russ Bus March 13, 2008
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