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A Pepsi/Coke/Mountain Dew/Whoop Ass can pipe is made from an aluminum soda can when you have some bud or resin and there's no pipe in the apartment. First, you empty out a soda can. Try to get it as dry as you can. Turn the can so the mouth hole is facing you. Squish the can in the middle on the side facing up. Then take a tack or safety pin and poke little holes in a circular spot on top in the depression where you squished the can. That's the bowl. Then poke a bigger hole in the side, near the bottom, or the bottom of the can for a carb. You hit out the hole you drink from. There's a medical fact or urban myth you can get Alzenheimers Disease from smoking from an aluminum can. It would be better if you could rig it somehow with a pipe screen or even a real bowl, but it's a fiend pipe. You might have to cut it open to scrape it if you don't have a long screwdriver, scissors, or knife.
Dude, you're gonna get Alzenheimer's smoking out of a can. Let me get a hit.
by Tim March 13, 2003
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