Camper noob is someone who plays call of duty and hides out in a room and when someone walks in, her shoots until death.
Ugh, your such a camper noob bro.
by Campernoob October 03, 2017
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A noob camper is a noob who tries to camp during a FPS but failes horribley. They think they can camp, but really suck.
Ryan is a noob camper because he camped the whole game and had 0 kills.
by .DeLeTeD. May 16, 2007
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Someone who stands on magical tiles wearing a hat, while taunting his enemies by constantly moving on the spot and refusing to leave his perch above the tiles.
Loser: Ugh, you’re such a NOOB CAMPER!
by BillyMcSaggyTits January 14, 2018
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