A sedici anni, quando le nostre giornate sono ancora scandite dalla campanella della scuola, siamo vincolate alla …
A sedici anni, quando le nostre giornate sono ancora scandite dalla campanella della scuola..
by Ciolabella June 1, 2017
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The sense of almost boyish enthusiasm that comes over middle aged men when pursuing a hobby that requires expensive stuff and leaves non-hobbyists scratching their heads to figure out why it's so damned important. (Derived from Roy Campanella's observation about baseball: "You got to have a lot of little boy in you to play this game.")
When Jerry began talking about model railroading, it was easy to see the Campanella Effect in action.
by PaldanTheLesser May 28, 2011
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The guy that’s super gay but closets himself by dating white sexy girls and then coming out to them. Only has girl friends.
by Quirkypeen October 28, 2017
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La campanella is a set of pieces derived of the same Paganini Violin Concerto No.2 in B Minor, the most popular is the S.139 versions in 1851, tho thats not the only piece derived from that concerto, there exists the "Grande Fantisie de bravoure sur La Clochette", the "La Campanella S.140 (1834)" and the more popular "La Campanella S.139 (1851)" the more recent la campanella's are the most simplified version of La Clochette, considered being the most difficult Liszt piece (technically wise) the recent versions are still technically dificult, but like, La clochette is the hardest, just look it up, you will die.
P1: Hey im learning Liszt La Campanella
P2:Wich one?
P1:S.139 version
P2:Lmao thats easy try something harder like idk Mazeppa S.137 or Fusees S.137
P1: Do you want me to die
P2: yes i hate you should KILL YOURSELF
by SeiyaIdk September 7, 2023
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