One of the most notable, well-established, distinguished, co-ed Jewish Summer Camps in America. Founded in 1958, Camp Harlam is home to over 800 campers and 250 staff members every summer mainly from the wealthy Jewish suburbs of Philadelphia, New Jersey, DC, and Maryland. Camp Harlam was the first of 13 camps across America to become affiliated with the Union for Reform Judaism. Alumni From Harlam are known for being successful, affluent, good-looking, and all-around decent human beings.

Notable Alumni:
Andy Breckman
Julie Gold
Seth Green
Arie Gluck-Harlam Director, Former Olympic Athlete

Known For:
Original Hit "Summertime Forever" by Matt Stamm
Chapel On the Hill
Notable Late Director Arie Gluck
Friday Night Song Sessions
The World's Best Maccabiah
"I go to Camp Harlam"

"Dude, I can't say anything to top that!"
by anonymousfinsta February 23, 2018
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