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THe best place ever. Seriously. Fun, Friends, Cheesey campfires. They have it all. My heart will always live there, my memories stay forever, friends friends friends, we will always be.
WARNING! After leaving one might expirience campsickness, waking up and knowing whether its a red or white day, hoping olypics or pioneer days will break out soon, having the urge to break into song every five minutes, saying camp jokes and wondering why no one else is laughing,and still singing the alma-mater every night before bed
After returning to your summer home, you will expeirience sheer excitement, mild screaming, hugging laughing, adn smiling so much your jaws hurt. You will also expirience crazyness, and joy, please contact your brain to see if camp timber tops is right for you.
by the camp gal October 09, 2011
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The best freakin' town in the entire world. CA's 2006 will always have a place in my heart.
"...Friends, friends, friends we will always be..."
by Hannah February 08, 2005
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1. my life.

okay i wrote the first definition, but i meant to say camp (not town) :)
oh my god i think i left my heart at camp timber tops!
by hannah August 24, 2005
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the absolute best place in the entire world. the place where strangers become best friends and make memories that are ever lasting. the place where u can wear crocs and not be judged. the best place ever. the place everybody marks down on their calender and counts down the days until. camp timber tops makes smiles grow even bigger and better. it makes your mood turn ten times better. the people make u laugh 24/7. this place is everlasting and theres a million reasons why because it's the people there that make it hard to say goodbye. this is my home:)
by campppppp January 29, 2018
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