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(n) a person who participates in a branch of the military, or ROTC, who feel it is necessary to reference military, talk about military, drill practice, most of them have no idea what they are talking about and should be avoided.

Most camofags aren't actually in service, they usually are high school JROTC high school faggots who think serving in the military is cool.
John : Know who the biggest bad ass ever is?

Camofag : Yeah, its a tie between Smedley Butler, and Carlos Hathcock.

John : Who the fuck are they?

Camofag : Wow dude, read up on your military history

Another example

Camofag : My friend did the most idiotic thing today.

Sarah : What did he do?

Camofag : During drill practice while doing an about-face instead of moving his right foot back, he moved his left, he looked like an idiot!

Sarah : I don't give a shit.
by C0MMIE March 20, 2011
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A soldier who applies camoflauge paint to equipment which does not aid in the concealment of the soldier.
Lt. Nutsack spray painted his nalgene bottle and his watch! What a camofag!
by Matthew Locke November 02, 2015
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