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A truly bad ass bitch who does what she wants when she wants and how she wants. she loveeeeeeees dick and she will never be a bbb broke basic bitch
Wow that girl is such a Camira
by CycoC February 06, 2017
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A car produced by Holden in Australia in the mid to late 1980's. Known widely for their low fuel consumption, but not so widely known for producing 785hp and 1593Nm at the front wheels.

Camiras have been known to outhandle evo's, wrx's and other riceburner cars because of their almost infinite grip and lack of body roll. Labeled as granny cars by commodore driving bogans, and as bogan cars by bmw driving snooty people, camiras are caught in the car debate crossfire.

Camiras in good condition can normally be bought for around $50-$60, and those in bad condition are normally just acquired.

"Whoa man, did you see that stock Camira just thrash that shitty-wok Skyline."

"I only have to sit in my Camira and it leaves any rice burner shit for dead!"

"Is is just me or did that Camira have black hubcaps? Thats fucking cool!"

"And as Whincup flies down Conrod Strait on his last lap... what the fuck! Some car just came from nowhere and overtook him. Hang on... it looks like a Camira. That would explain it."
by miraMan June 12, 2007
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