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An annoying person, but someone who you can easily get along with. Good at most sports, and really quite clueless. Sort of a clown, likes to make jokes.
"Hey, remember what Camil did in class yesterday?"

"Oh yeah, that was funny!"
by dlihcyltsaeb December 05, 2011
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Camil gets all the girls no matter what. If you have a girl he will steal her. He has a huge dick so you know he claps all the bitches. He has a great personality and is very good looking. In short everyone is under Camil and he is the greatest person you will ever meet.
Damn is that Camil? I wish i was him he pulls all the bitches!
by kalciferr January 09, 2018
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a camil is a code word for guys that is used when they want to be inconspicuous around the female sex. its means there is a camel-toe in the surrounding area and to keep an eye out for it. (not to be confused with the camiltoe)
dude!..there are some camils at the pool today
(response) i know dude perfect day foe camil watching.
by the Pat and Matt connection November 06, 2010
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