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The sexiest of all gods able to pleasue any women with just a look.
Damn, did you just cameren that bitch?
by Ladyvulpine December 20, 2016
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Cameren the best fucking person u will ever meet can be a fucking bitch sometimes but he will make up for it can make any girl like him has the best hair ever can cuddle the best say the most random and weirds things that come out funny
Girl-hey cameren

Cameren-sup its yo boi skinny penis
by Hard penis June 26, 2018
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Cameren is everyone dream guy he’s the guy that changes girls like he changes close he will give u so much and leave u with so little to forget if u have nice cameren in your life he will give u anything u ask for if u have mean cameren u will never know the sweat side to him If u have mean cameren but use to be nice U will have a guy that was so important in your life at once and u just want to relive everything u guys went through u will want to relive his cuddles his kisses late nights with him everything but u can’t cuz it’s all gone and it is for the rest of your life and u will keep saying I’m over him over and over again but deep down inside u know he’s everything u ever wanted damn if u don’t have a cameren in your life u best get one
Girl:damn there goes cameren.

Boy:what’s so Special about him

Girl:he’s cameren😍
by So much to remember October 18, 2018
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