This is a way of writing variable names and function names in a programming language. Programming languages do not allow spaces in variable or function names, but using camelCase these words are still readable and it is marked improvement on _ notation
function myFunctionName()

var myVariableName;

var camelCase = true;

class cMyClassName

by hpoom September 22, 2006
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thisIsAWayOfWritingVariableNamesAndFunctionNamesInAProgrammingLanguage. programmingLanguagesDoNotAllowSpacesInVariableOrFunctionNamesButUsingCamelCaseTheseWordsAreStillReadableAndItIsMarkedImprovementOnNotation.
iAmTypingIn camelCase
by jfields99 December 29, 2017
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The annoying act of unnecessarily talking in alternating uppercase and lowercase. Usually seen on MSN messenger display names.
LeTs TaLk In CaMeLcAsE aNd MaKe OuR wOrDs UnReAdAbLe!!!!
by kazikame December 09, 2005
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pepes - mostly emos, use it on everything they do. mostly on things like MSN messenger. they put it as their name, and they do it so u know they r emo. its so fukin annoying n illegible.
i'M a FuCkInG eMo I aLlWaYs TaLk In CaMeLcAsE
by syan December 12, 2005
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