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A group of girls that try and be sluts when most of them are not but want to be one, girls that copy an older group of girls called clamjabbles who are all whores, girls that are fake as hell.
Hey fake whores, I mean cambolots.
by Yaman from da mpan November 11, 2007
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a group of beautiful girls who are all that and a bag of potatoe chips. they are close friends and tighter than a zebra.! we love them and want them in our pants!
there cute and there tough. you cant get enough. those cambolots, woah there hot stuff!
by hannah montanas biggest fan February 01, 2008
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A group of young beatiful girls that are always being looked at. There friendship is true and solid, which is what most people would hope for. They are genuine and caring. True till the end.
If you want true friends ask one of the cambolots what that means?
by helllllo January 30, 2008
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the cambolots are the most gorgeous girlss in the ENTIRE world there great friends that people are so jealious of its not even funny!anywayss there AMAZING! & your jealious. k love themmm bye.
cambolots are the reason for livingg
by bbhasdb February 03, 2008
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A sad statement on today's culture when young girls are taught that their money and appearance are the only things that matter in this world. They are being raised to be undesirable elitists with no morale fiber. It is groups like these that are destroying this country.
It doesn't matter how nice they are, they can't be a Cambolots unless they are plastic.
by sillest December 22, 2009
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