to insure that no one sits in your seat for five minutes if you get up (to throw out trash, go to the bathroom, grab some chips, etc.)
it literally means that you call your seat for five minutes; if you call fives, get up, and come back ten minutes later, your seat is liable to be taken
a very good system to avoid fights, bad feelings, and general undesirable situations
there is no such thing as 'calling tens' or any number other than five; this is because five minutes is a reasonable amount of time to be gone for
"I call fives, as I'm just getting a soda from downstairs. If anyone takes my seat, I will personally kick you in the nuts until you bleed."
by The Easter Bunny August 9, 2005
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In backyard basketball, a shot from outside the three-point line gives you three points, but a calle-five gives you five points and it's achieved by hitting a shot from behind the backboard.
"Stop being a ball haul Carl!"
"Nah bro, i'm gonna hit that, CALLE-FIVE!!!!!"
by The SweedishAsian December 10, 2018
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Putting a claim on something, like a seat or TV remote. If you don’t claim it by five minutes, it can be taken. Basically like dibs, but it can be used after you’re already in possession of the subject.
“I’m gonna go refill my cup. I call fives on this seat by the way. Nobody take it.

“Yo I call fives on a slice of that cake
by Yung Manhattan Project June 7, 2019
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