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There are many acronyms for 'RPG,' but I have listed the top four based on Google popularity:
1) role-playing game- a genre of game in which the player 'plays the role' of a character who can interact with the environment; role-playing games can also fall under other genres, such as adventure or action; my personal favorites are Ratchet and Clank, Banjo Tooie, and Earthbound

2) report program generator- a high-level programming language who's main purpose is to create databases that make information easily available

3) rocket propelled grenade- kinda self explanatory; a grenade that is shot out of a rocket

4) random phrase generator- a database, hand-written or computerized, in which everyone chooses one number/letter from each column; that number/letter translates into a word or phrase
1) "Hey, i just got a new game yesterday; Ratchet and Clank for PS2."
"... What the fuck is that?"
"It's just about the coolest role-playing game ever."
"Dude, RPGs suck. They're gay. Get a life."
"Well what do you play, Kingdom Hearts? You get a life!"

2) "Damn, report program generator's a bitch. Took me fourteen fucking hours to make my first database."
"Hahahahaha n00b. RPG is awesome for creating databases. Unless you're even more of a n00b than I thought, you'll get used to it soon."

3) "Fuckin' cheapass bastard shot a fuckin' rocket propelled grenade at my light tank."
"Stop complaining and get yourself some fucking RPGs."

4) "WTF?!? Dude, your RPG's broken. It says my profession will be 'pooping on firetrucks with large explosives in them.' WTF?!?"
"Uh... its called a random phrase generator because it's random. It's not supposed to make sense. You randomly got 'pooping on,' 'firetrucks with,' and 'large explosives in them' as your phrases."
by The Easter Bunny July 12, 2005
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to insure that no one sits in your seat for five minutes if you get up (to throw out trash, go to the bathroom, grab some chips, etc.)
it literally means that you call your seat for five minutes; if you call fives, get up, and come back ten minutes later, your seat is liable to be taken
a very good system to avoid fights, bad feelings, and general undesirable situations
there is no such thing as 'calling tens' or any number other than five; this is because five minutes is a reasonable amount of time to be gone for
"I call fives, as I'm just getting a soda from downstairs. If anyone takes my seat, I will personally kick you in the nuts until you bleed."
by The Easter Bunny August 09, 2005
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