Puerto Rican saying; meaning low-class or really tacky behavior. Often displayed by trailer trash.
Ay mira! The behavior of those cafre gente es sin virguenza (the behavior of those cafre people is without shame)
by Laktaysha Coonbottom October 19, 2003
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Is the Puerto Rican word for someone of low class, often associated with living in caserios.

People in Puerto Rico as well use the word cafre as a synonym for Nuyorican.
Why does that Nuyorican have so many flags yet can't speak Spanish and doesn't act Latino, and acts ghetto (low class)

Well he/she is a cafre
by Lares Nene January 15, 2008
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adj. Word used by Puertoricans to describe a person who is and lives a very ghetto way of life.
Someone who lives a low life and has bad taste for what they consider "luxury".

Look at that fool, he thinks his gold painted Jordans are the shit, if he only knew he looks cafre.

Mirate a este bobo,se cree que las Jorad color oro matan. Se nota que el tipo es un cafre.
by Islita November 14, 2007
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n. savage, beast
adj. barbaric, wild

- can have a negative connotation similar to the word nigga
Él es un puro cafre.
translation: He is a straight-up nigga.
by JP71288 January 15, 2007
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Is NOT an exclusive Puerto Rican word!
According to the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language (Spain), Cafre means low class, brute, unpolished.
Este hombre es un tremendo cafre.
by Barbiturika January 6, 2021
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