A cafeteria that has the capability of the tables folding up into the walls or just being a multi-purpose room.
"Let's go to the cafetorium for dinner and get some ass-fries."
by danno November 23, 2004
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bastard cousin of the gymnatorium, the cafetorium is also a craptastic preformance space, often having 'that-food-service-smell'. Preshow activities include folding up and rolling the lunch tables into the corner...
Hey lets go see a show in the cafetorium, we can be entertained and eat square pizza at the same time.
by travelingSTAGEHAND March 7, 2010
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A Cafeteria and Auditorium made out, then had sex. They then gave birth to cafeteria that has a stage; A cafetorium.
WOW! we can watch a play and get some food all in one place! let's go to the Cafetorium
by Scottasauris February 10, 2011
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