1.A vacuum that sucks out the soul via problem statements and Microstation V8 software. Hard and pointless. Stands for Computer Aided Drafting and Design. Also known at Eastern Technical High School as "Retard's Engineering".

2. A career major taught by a robot named Mr. Glautemans.

3. A mistake that will probably end in bloodshed.
I had to do this bullshit CADD drawing with a revolved section but totally screwed it over when I just sat there and stared at the screen and thought about tits.
by DjMisprint May 20, 2005
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One who works super hard, is successful, and are themselves :)
Person 1: Hey, I just solved world hunger by gene editing crops to grow instantly and in any climate
Person 2: Wow that’s so Hayley Caddes of you
by !@#$%^&*()QWERTYUIOP()*&^%$#@! December 13, 2019
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horrible computer program used to create useless drawings of buildings and cartoons in high school communications classes.
ex. 1

person 1- "I love auto cadd"
person 2- "auto cadd is teh gheynaughtseabuttsecks"

ex. 2

person 1- "Did you like my slide show using autocadd?"
person 2- "Yeah dawg, you check out them tits?"
by CSTWIZ March 19, 2007
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