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Awesome old school Konami shooter. Kind of like Galaga from a third person perspective. Sped up Bach makes you feel like hot shit.
I was playing Gyruss and only got up to Juipter's third warp, because of a bullshit asteroid.
by DjMisprint May 20, 2005

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1.A vacuum that sucks out the soul via problem statements and Microstation V8 software. Hard and pointless. Stands for Computer Aided Drafting and Design. Also known at Eastern Technical High School as "Retard's Engineering".

2. A career major taught by a robot named Mr. Glautemans.

3. A mistake that will probably end in bloodshed.
I had to do this bullshit CADD drawing with a revolved section but totally screwed it over when I just sat there and stared at the screen and thought about tits.
by DjMisprint May 20, 2005

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A reference to a funny animation from fat-pie.com. Spoken when someone that looks like a creepy stalker/molester is spotted. Characterized by long face, balding and blond, long mysterious coat, glasses, and at least 45 years of age. Hands in pockets are a plus if tallying for points, as are balloons and candy giveaways. Also used as a code phrase if said "Morgan" is within earshot and you can't say "That guy is creepy".
Holy crap, man, that's one of the best "He is called Morgan"s I've seen this month, over there, by the park bench.
by DjMisprint May 28, 2005

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