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Noun: (Ca-ca boo-te)

This is a yellow duck that lives primary on ones nose. Everyone has one including animals. It's there and it has what ever name you desire. You have to acknowledge its there, name it, and come to terms with it. These creatures are very complicated as they eat, sleep, breed, etc on or inside of your nose. Caca Booties use the inside of your nose as a private area (bathroom mostly). They're favorite condiment is ranch dressing as they put it on any food they consume. They mate by two persons acknowledging they're presence and rubbing noses together for them to comingle. The people then can hand off the CACA baby between each other to share parental responsibilities between there CACA booties. There are many rules that CACA booties must adhere to strictly. Such as CACA babies must be handed off at or around 8:55pm (in your time zone), all food must contain ranch dressing, and the CACA booty anthem must be sang for all exchanges just to name a few. CACA booties live as long as you do and they engage in the same lifestyle as you.
You have a CACA booty on your nose. Hey look at our dogs CACA booty.
by Gween Queen Steena Beane August 05, 2016
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