Destiny and I are getting together tonight. First imma put the D in the V and afterwards I'm gonna C on the B.
It's gonna be great!
by BigNorm October 29, 2009
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1. C and B stands for Cock and Balls; derived from Adam Sandler's comedy.

2. To C and B a female means to have sex with her.
My new girlfriend came over last night and I gave her the C and B pretty good.
by Marinoman October 20, 2004
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C A B is short for Cunt Ass Bitch, easily used when out in public or "little" ears are present.
Example: Did you just see that C A B cut me off!?!

Sara is being such a C A B lately, you know what her deal is?
by Allie48823 January 4, 2006
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See what could be
To c or noto c is to dcide 2 c wt cud b.
by Hercolena Oliver April 8, 2009
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C - cock
A - Ass
B - Balls

What your chin , neck ,upper and lower lip, nose, hair, hands, pillows, sheets, toys..... smell like after a marathon ass licking fuck session. Yum !!!!
"Damn" You think to yourself That is the best C A B ride I have ever been on.
by Kimberstar6 September 8, 2013
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