A term for a cop, mainly used in the boroughs of New York.
Watching another c cipher pushing my peeps to the curb. (Gangstarr...RIP)
by JRizzlerod June 23, 2017
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a cop who pulls over his car when he sees a group of people in a group rapping, smoking, etc.
look, listen and observe as i watch another c cipher pull my peeps to the curb
by West Orlando February 2, 2004
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Stands for Cop, using the Supreme Alphabet of the NGE. This term was not created by Raekwon as the other definition suggests. The first known usage in Hip Hop can be traced back to Zev Love X(MF DOOM) on the track Get-U-Now which was recorded in 1993.
"I'm rakin in the dough by the heap
(Get the cash) C-Cipher Punks can't peep
(Buck his ass) The last that you heard of your Jeep
As you sleep, I buy it off my boys for dirt cheap"

Use in everyday speech:
Yo god, fuck them C-Cipher Punks always fuckin shit up, word is bond.
by CarlosDaMijit March 21, 2010
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The cops. This term was created by Raekwon of the Wu-Tang Clan, used to describe the cops. Other terms meaning cops used by the great Staten Island/Brooklyn rap group were The Beast , The Four-Nine, and most famously as, Jakes.
"Oh, SHIT! The C-Cipher Punks are on they way!"
by Ryan Nash August 3, 2007
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