a crime syndicate out of Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada that engage in narcotics, theft and vandalism

the c bois have unique attributes that makes them especially criminal and dangerous

originally started in late 2003 by 4 young criminals; J-han, S-abb, B-rp, and S-deck (formerly sean delonge)
those god damn c bois just tagged up my school AGAIN..UGH
by ConcernedCitizenOfHalifax March 4, 2009
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cunt boy

A human male with a vagina instead of a penis.
I don't really like c-boys, but becky likes them for some reason
by Ifyouseethisurgy May 28, 2017
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C-Boy is short for "cowboy."
"C-Boy is short for cowboy"
by Justin Bland October 8, 2007
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"connect-boy" Someone who can hook you up with illegal substances anytime and anywhere...NO QUESTIONS!
Big Patty,Trunzo,and Swiderski are our C-boys.
by nigga ay April 26, 2006
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refers to a condom
dawg, u got a any c-boy
by brad December 14, 2004
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Refers to cancerboy

someone who has cancer

or just someone you wish has cancer

often used in a satiric/ironic way
'Yo c-boy' = yo cancerboy
by wiej June 30, 2010
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