C and B TORTURE EXTREME >:) better known as COCK AND BALL TORTURE EXTREME >:) is a ritual performed by a gang of jaquari (the plural of jaquarius) where it is the most painful or relieving form of masturbation ever and everyman wants this device in his back yard
charles: hey chad wan come to my backyard to get on so C and B TORTURE EXTREME >:)
by imabigyearold3 February 13, 2023
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A painful ritual performed by a gang of chads (4 or more) it includes the pully, twisty, and kick of doom, Cock and Ball Torture is even banned in Russia
C&B Torture is something not even an eye would want to see.
by Nauhgty_Priest October 20, 2021
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The process of when a man undergoes extreme pain upon his cock and balls; usually includes squeezing, jerking uncomfortably fast, and punching
C&B torture made it so that he can't have kids.
by faalam February 1, 2022
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Tali C&B torture also commonly referred to as Taliban C&B torture, is one of many C&B torture methods. This one, in particular, focuses more on the scrotum or the ball sack, this usually ends up with the victim getting their sack nailed onto the wall.
Dude, I just saw the most disturbing video of C&B torture to date.

What the hell was it like..?

Jesus man, he nailed the dude's sack on that wall.

Ohhh, you're referring to Taliban C&B torture.

Well, either way, it's still brutal.
by Saint Nick the 4th November 22, 2021
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