A hottie who texts good morning and good night. Someone who absolutely has your heart. Takes you seriously when you need them too. Someone who will never cheat on you with another girl. He is very patient with you. Doesn't care about your flaws. He cares about you for you.
"Hey byson"
"Hey bae. You look good today"
"Aw thanks I love you"
by Bysons girl December 12, 2019
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Byson is a very dark sided person. He isn’t honest and loyal to anyone. If you tell him a secret he will tell. He will share it with his cousin and his cousin will share with people. He may even cause a big problem and rumors. Within his best boy bestfriends he won’t tell cause he think that they will betray him. But he secretly tells his sister. How ever if you meet a boy named Byson... Don’t EVER giver him a chance to be friends with you. Trust me.
Friend: *tells a secret*
Byson: I will not tell.
Friend: I trust you don’t tell
Byson: *secretly tells everyone*
by Menasonnn January 3, 2020
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